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Harley Davidson Racing History – Short References
Harley Davidson racing history info – The general history and developments over the past 110 years for Harley Davidson have been captured on our Harley Davidson History page, however below we refer to the racing events and other related achievements which have occurred. There have been many racing successes throughout the history of the Harley Davidson Company and these continued in 2010 (Sept 11th 2010. Kenny Coolbeth winning the Grand National Twins on the Canterbury Park Mile – riding a Harley Davidson XR-750) and will hopefully continue throughout 2011 and beyond.

Harley Davidson Racing History – Early Days
Harley Davidson racing history info – One of the first mentions of Harley Davidson winning a race was in Chicago on 4th July, 1905. A time of 19 minutes and 2 seconds was achieved. In 1908, Walter Davidson set the FAM (Federation of American Motorcycles) economy record with an accomplishment of 188.234 miles per gallon. 1910 saw Harley Davidson win 1st place positions in seven different hill-climb and endurance races on American soil. By 1913, Harley Davidson formed its racing department (with William S Harley acting as head engineer and William Ottaway as Assistant Engineer) and in 1914 formally entered racing, immediately being branded the ‘wrecking crew’ due to their supremacy in the sport.

Harley Davidson Racing History – 1920 To 1930
Harley Davidson racing history info – There were 23 speed records broken on a Harley Davidson 61 cubic inch racing bike in 1920 by Leslie Parkhurst and the winning team took their pig mascot on a lap of honor, starting the ‘hog’ connection. Two years later in 1922, all 8 national championship races were won by Harley Davidson riders. In 1925, the Harley Davidson racing team was joined by Joe Petrail who went on to be one of the most triumphant racers of all time and one of Harley Davidson’s most successful dirt-track racers. 1930 then saw Bill Davidson Jr achieve 997 out of 1000 points at the Jack Pine endurance contest – a winning score, plus all individual class winners were on Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Harley Davidson Racing History – 1932 To 1935
Harley Davidson racing history info – It was in 1932 that Joe Petrali’s winning streak and racing legend began when he won the dirt-track AMA (American Motorcycle Association) Grand National championship race (the first of 5 consecutive yearly triumphs), as well as winning the Nation hill-climb championships from 1932 through to 1935. The story continued in 1935 when he won all 13 dirt-track AMA National championship races, breaking four records. Petrali then went on to break the 45 cubic inch engine record and set a new 136.183 mph land-speed record on a 61 cubic inch OHV Harley Davidson motorcycle (modified).

Harley Davidson Racing History – 1938 To 1955
Harley Davidson racing history info – In 1938 and 1939, Ben Campanale raced a Harley Davidson WLDR at the Daytona 200 in Sturgis, South Dakota and won, and in 1940 Babe Tancrede achieved the same success on the same model. 1946 saw the introduction of the 45 cubic inch flathead WR racing bike. In 1947 Jimmy Chann won the first of his three consecutive dirt-track AMA Grand National championship title on a Harley Davidson and in 1950 Larry Headrick achieved the same feat. That same year Harley Davidson riders set 6 new records and win 18 of the 24 National championships. 1954 saw the start of an 8 year reign by Harley Davidson riders at the Grand National championships – the first of which was won by Joe Leonard. The following year in 1955, a 7 year reign at the Daytona 200 began for Harley Davidson on their KR models with Johnny Gibson, Joe Leonard, Brad Andres and Roger Reiman all victorious.

Harley Davidson Racing History – 1958 To 1969
Harley Davidson racing history info – In 1958, Carroll Resweber won the first of 4 AMA Grand National championships, and in 1963 Ralph White regained Harleys winning form at the Daytona 200 on a 750 KR. 1964 saw the Roger Reiman win both the AMA Grand National championships and Daytona 200 on a 750 KR. The following year in 1965, 177 mph was averaged by George Roeder on a Streamliner 250cc Sprint CR, thrashing the speed records for Class & C runs, plus Bart Markel won the AMA Grand National championship. He then won it the following year too (65 and 66). 1968 and 69 saw the KR 750 win at the Daytona 200 (ridden by Cal Rayborn), and 1969 also saw a victory at the dirt-track AMA Grand National championship for Mert Lawill/team Harley Davidson.

Harley Davidson Racing History – 1970s
Harley Davidson racing history info – At the start of the 1970s a new Harley Davidson Sportster based bike was introduced to racing, due to new AMA rules for Class C. Cal Rayborn raced this XR750 on flats in Utah, breaking the land speed record at a whopping 265 mph. By 1972, the motorcycle model had been improved and was classed as more powerful which was proved as the aluminium alloy XR750 became superior on the dirt-track for the next 3 decades. The same year, it also won the AMA Grand National championship (ridden by Mark Brelsford). In 1975 Gary Scott won the AMA Grand National championship and the following 3 years, Jay Springsteen was victorious.

Harley Davidson Racing History – 1980s
Harley Davidson racing history info – The 1980s was another busy decade for Harley Davidson racing, started by Randy Goss winning the AMA Grand national championship. In 1981 Scott Parker joined the Harley Davidson racing team and his legend began. Becoming the most triumphant Harley Davidson racer ever, Scott won 93 races, including 9 Grand National championships over a 10 year period! 1982 and 83 saw victories at the Grand National championships for Ricky Graham and Randy Goss and in 1988 Scott Parker began his winning streak at the same contest (won the next nine years).

Harley Davidson Racing History – 1994 To Date
Harley Davidson racing history info – 1994 saw Harley Davidson enter Superbike racing on their VR1000. In 2001, the first winning female racer joined the Harley Davidson racing team (Jennifer Snyder). Three years later in 2004 Andrew Hines won his first NHRA Pwerade Pro Stock motorcycle championship, at the ripe age of 21. A year later, Hines repeated his victory in the same race. 2007 saw Kenny Coolbeth win his second AMA flat track twins championship and 2008 saw him win his 3rd Grand National championship, whilst Eddie Krawiec won the NHRA Pro Stock title. In 2010, Seth Enslow broke the long distance motorcycle jump world record on a Harley Davidson XR1200, jumping 183.7 feet (a record that was once held by Evel Kneivel in 1975 & Bubba Blackwell in 1999).

Harley Davidson Racing History – A Useful Guide
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