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Harley Davidson Helmets – For Safety And Protection
Harley Davidson Helmets info – Harley Davidson offers a range of helmets for riding motorcycles. Helmets are predominantly worn for protection when riding motorcycles and their primary purpose is safety. Helmets help protect the rider’s head from impacting damage as a result of an accident and should be worn at all times to prevent or reduce head injuries. If you were ever unfortunate enough to fall or be knocked off of your motorcycle, a crash helmet could save your life. In many countries around the world, it is illegal to ride a motorcycle on the road without wearing a helmet.

Harley Davidson Helmets – Choosing The One For You
Harley Davidson Helmets info – When choosing a helmet, is important that you consider safety first and looking good, second. The helmet must fit properly, have an adequate strap to ensure it is securely fastened and not obstruct your view in any way. There are different types of helmet and each one will fit differently, however the shop/site where you buy it will be able to assist you with the correct size. It is important to note that buying a used or second hand helmet is not advised. If the helmet had been involved in a crash or dropped on the floor, it could no longer offer sufficient protection.

Harley Davidson Helmets – Ensure It Fits Securely
Harley Davidson Helmets info – To ensure the helmet fits, place it on your head and fasten the straps under your chin so there is no room between your brow and the inner lining. As the inner lining will mould to the shape of your face over time, it is important to have a snug (tight) fit initially. Once the helmet is secure, hold the helmet still and try to twist your head from side to side. There shouldn’t be much movement inside the helmet – nor should you be able to tilt the helmet up or down off your head. Wearing the helmet for a minute or two will allow you to get a better feel for it – however the shop will be able to help you carefully select the appropriate size.

Harley Davidson Helmets – Different Types
Harley Davidson Helmets info – The different types of helmets offered by Harley Davidson include Half Helmets, Three Quarter Helmets, Full Face Helmets and Modular helmets. Harley Davidson Half helmets are smaller and lighter and designed for use in hotter climates (as they leave some of the face exposed), however as they cover the least amount of head area they considered basic protection. Harley Davidson Three quarter helmets are the next stage up, providing more coverage and protection for the sides of the head. These Harley Davidson helmets are available with a face shield or visor and although generally warmer to wear than the half helmet, they can be purchased with air vents for comfort. Harley Davidson Full face helmets cover the whole head for the best protection. They are fitted with a visor/face shield and a ventilation system for comfort in warmer weather, but will keep the head nice and warm during the winter. Harley Davidson modular helmets are a combination of the full face and three quarter design. The face and chin module can be flipped up or even removed, allowing full face exposure.

Harley Davidson Helmets – Additional Options
Harley Davidson Helmets info – Harley Davidson helmets come with a bag for storage and protection when theyre not being worn. Additional options that you may wish to consider include adjustable air vents, anti-sweat inner liners and cheek pads, scratch resistant face shield/visor, removable visor and neck curtain and the ability to add different visors (clear, black, coloured). Remember to always consider how visible your helmet is to other motorists. Choosing a black helmet may look the best, but its not always visible, certainly at night. White helmets or bright, colourful options may increase your chances of being seen.
Harley Davidson Helmets – A Useful Guide
Harley Davidson Helmets info – Thousands of people search to find out about these iconic bikes and their accessories. Even the logo, or emblem is iconic. We hope that you have found this article on Harley Davidson Helmets a useful guide to Harley Davidson products and merchandise. You will find that this website is a great resource, including this article on Harley Davidson Helmets, whether you are looking to buy, sell or even rent a Harley Davidson motor cycle or purchase some products and accessories. Both men and women love this brand and the associated accessories. Common misspellings and unusual references include Herley, Horley, Hurley, Davidsan, Davidsons, Harleydavidson, Harly, Davison and of course Harleys. Harleys are simply the best motor cycles whatever they are called!
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