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Harley Davidson Golf Cart – Introduced in 1963
Harley Davidson golf cart info – Most people around the world associate Harley Davidson with their iconic motorcycles which have been in production for over 100 years. What people don’t globally associate Harley Davidson with is the production of their Golf Cart! However, the Harley Davidson Golf Cart was introduced in 1963 as a three wheeled machine (which later became four-wheeled) with a 245 cc dual cycle single cylinder engine (which used oil mixed with gas) and two seats. The air cooled 245cc golf cart engine capacity sounds quite high for a vehicle you’d expect to go quite slowly, however the power was necessary for the cart to successfully make it up hills carrying two people and their golf clubs. As we all know, not all golfers are slim-line athletes so you can imagine why the golf cart engine needed to be fairly powerful.

Harley Davidson Golf Cart – Popular In Its Era
Harley Davidson golf cart info – The Harley Davidson Golf Cart production line did not run for a very long time even though initial sales and popularity of the machines were quite high. They were the fashionable golf cart in their era, but quite expensive to buy at the time. It was only in 1969 that Harley Davidson sold their Golf Cart business to the American Machine and Foundry Company, known as AMF. AMF continued to sell the Harley Davidson Golf Cart until 1982 when they sold their cart line to Columbia ParCar (a large manufacturer of electric and gas golf carts) who continued production, using an oil injection system.

Harley Davidson Golf Cart – Restoration
Harley Davidson golf cart info – Now considered a classic piece of machine history, the Harley Davidson Golf Cart is popular with enthusiasts that wish to restore them. This could be for resale or for personal use around the golf course, however whatever the reason it is a challenge in itself, due to the parts being hard to come by. If one is planning to restore a Harley Davidson Golf Cart, then it would definitely be worth finding and purchasing a model specific manual (as well as seriously considering the cost of restoration!). There are several sites dedicated to the Harley Davidson golf cart, so locating a manual should not be too difficult.

Harley Davidson Golf Cart – Find One At Auction
Harley Davidson golf cart info – Good examples of the Harley Davidson Golf Cart are not easy to find and people will pay a lot of money for them at auctions and through the internet. As most golf clubs have the capacity to provide their members with a golf cart, the need for a personal one doesn’t seem to make a great deal of sense – however, for the budding Harley Davidson enthusiast or fan with a spare bit of cash and an even sparer bit of land, the Harley Davidson Golf Cart would be an enjoyable way to transport yourself round!

Harley Davidson Golf Cart

Harley Davidson Golf Cart – Parts And Maintenance

Harley Davidson golf cart info – Tips to help with Harley Davidson Golf Cart restoration would be to identify the model by locating the serial number. This can be found on the cross brace at the rear of the frame or perhaps behind the battery on a metal plate. Once you have this, you can search for the manual youll need for cart repairs, parts and maintenance. As mentioned previously, there are several sites on line that can assist and advise you on the upkeep of your Harley Davidson Golf Cart, so be sure to surf the net and hopefully you will be able to find some keen assistance nearby.
Harley Davidson Golf Cart – A Useful Guide
Harley Davidson golf cart info – Thousands of people search to find out about these iconic bikes and their accessories. Even the logo, or emblem is iconic. We hope that you have found this article on Harley Davidson Golf Cart a useful guide to Harley Davidson products and merchandise. You will find that this website is a great resource, including this article on Harley Davidson Golf Cart, whether you are looking to buy, sell or even rent a Harley Davidson motor cycle or purchase some products and accessories. Both men and women love this brand and the associated accessories. Common misspellings and unusual references include Herley, Horley, Hurley, Davidsan, Davidsons, Harleydavidson, Harly, Davison and of course Harleys. Harleys are simply the best motor cycles whatever they are called!

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