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Harley Fatboy
The Harley Davidson Fatboy motorcycle was initially introduced in 1990. It is thought that the name Fatboy came from an amalgamation of the two atomic bomb names, Fat Man and Little Boy, which were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima by the US. However, some believe that this is nothing but an urban legend. Although, some also believe that the original silver paint job on the Fatboy was motivated by the American B-29 bomber (responsible for dropping the bombs) and the same colour scheme as the atomic bomb, so there are a few connections out there. Around the time the Fatboy was released, Harley Davidson was also achieving soaring sales in the heavy weight motorcycle market and the name of the bike may have possibly been a crack at the Japanese.

Harley Davison Fatboy
The earliest Harley Davidson Fatboy had the big V twin motor, a fat tank, fat front tires, fat front forks and Fatboy characteristic solid disc wheel. As a member of the softail range, the Fatboy also had rear suspension built in to provide more comfort when riding on uneven roads. Similar to other softails, the Fatboy had its suspension hidden so that it looked like a hardtail design. The Fatboy was recorded as being easy to steer and operate as well as fashionable and well-liked amongst Harley Davidson enthusiasts.

The Harley Davidson Fatboy has advanced over the past 20 years and it was in 1994 that the exhaust was changed to a seamless type. The mater cylinder and switch gear were modernised in 1996 and by 1997 the Fatboy came with a sealed battery. The Harley Davidson Fatboy had the new twin cam 1450 cc engine implemented in 1999 and by 2002, it had bullet-style indicators added and came standard with an alarm and immobilise. The Harley Davidson Fatboy celebrated it’s 15th anniversary in 2005 and joined the custom vehicle operations (CVO) program. A customized version of the Fatboy was created for one year only with custom paint options, custom wheels, the screaming eagle engine and added accessories. It also boasted lowered suspension and a steel pan (single) seat. During 2006, the Harley Davidson Fatboy took on the larger twin cam 1584 cc engine.

Harley Fatboy Lo 2010
In 2010, the Harley Davidson Fatboy Lo was introduced. It sat an inch and a quarter lower than the 1990 Fatboy model and was the lowest of the Harley Davidson Motorcycles at this time. The Fatboy Lo came with a narrow seat, narrow handle bars and a tank panel with a medallion stamp. The black gloss and black denim darker finish, black wheels, half moon footboards and satin chrome gave it a modernised appearance whilst retaining the original Fatboy presence and style. Similar to previous Fatboy models it had rear suspension (softail) built in for a more comfy ride. The Fatboy Lo also featured a shot gun style exhaust, fuel injection (ESPFI) system and 6 speed cruise drive transmission.

Harley Davidson Fatboy in Films
Famous for its inclusion in several well-known films, (one of the biggest being Terminator 2 in 1991) the Fatboy has been used several times on the large screen. It was featured in Wild Hogs, starring Tim Allen and John Travolta, the Sopranos, Bulworth and the Renegade. Today, the Harley-Davidson Fatboy continues to be a favourite amongst fans of Harley Davidson motorcycles, due to its distinctive appearance and performance. There are plenty of second hand Harley Davidson Fatboy bikes sold if a new model cant be afforded, all of which can usually be found advertised on line so why not search and find the Harley Davidson Fatboy for you!
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