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Harley Davidson Fat Boy – Origins
The Harley Davidson Fat Boy motorcycle was first introduced in 1990. It is believed that the name Fat Boy came from a combination of the two atomic bombs that were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima by the US Air Forces (Fat Man and Little Boy) although some say that this is nothing but an urban legend. However, it is also said that the original silver paint job on the Harley Davidson Fat Boy was inspired by the American B-29 bomber (responsible for dropping the bombs) and the same colour scheme as the atomic bomb so there are a few similarities out there. At the time the Fat Boy was released, Harley Davidson was also reaching the sales lead in the heavyweight motorcycle market and this may have been a jibe at the Japanese.

Harley Davidson Fat Boy – Characteristics
The original Harley Davidson Fat Boy boasted the big V twin motor, characteristic solid disc wheels, a fat tank, fat front tires and fat front forks. As part of the softail range, the Harley Davidson Fat Boy also had rear suspension fitted to provide more comfort when riding on bumpy roads. Like other softails, the Harley Davidson Fat Boy had the suspension hidden under the engine so that it appeared no different to a hardtail design. The Fat Boy was a good looking and popular bike with Harley Davidson enthusiasts and is noted as being easy to steer and manoeuvre.

Harley Davidson Fat Boy – Developments
The Harley Davidson Fat Boy has developed over the years and in 1994 the exhaust used on the Fat Boy was changed to a seamless type. In 1996, the mater cylinder and switch gear were modernised and by 1997 the Harley Davidson Fat Boy came with a sealed battery. In 1999, the Fat Boy had the new twin cam 1450 cc engine implemented. By 2002, the Fat Boy had bullet-style indicators added and came standard with an alarm and immobiliser to fend off thieves. In 2005, the Fat Boy celebrated it’s 15th anniversary and joined the CVO (custom vehicle operations) program. Available for one year only, a customized version of the Fat Boy was created with custom paint options, custom wheels, the screaming eagle engine and added accessories. It also had a lowered suspension and a steel pan (single) seat. In 2006 the Harley Davidson Fat Boy took on the larger twin cam 1584 cc engine.

Harley Davidson Fat Boy – 2010 Fat Boy Lo
2010 saw the introduction of the Harley Davidson Fat Boy Lo. Sitting an inch and a quarter lower than the 1990 Fat Boy it is the lowest of the Harley Davidson Motorcycles. The Harley Davidson Fat Boy Lo comes with a narrow seat, handle bars and a medallion stamped tank panel. The darker finish (black gloss and black denim), half moon footboards, black wheels and satin chrome gives a modern look whilst retaining the original fat style and presence. Like previous Fat Boy models it has rear suspension (softail) for a comfy ride. The Harley Davidson Fat Boy Lo also features a shot gun exhaust, fuel injection (ESPFI) and six speed cruise drive transmission.

Harley Davidson Fat Boy – Films And Popularity
The Harley Davidson Fat Boy has been used in several well-known films, one of the biggest being Terminator 2 in 1991! It also featured in Wild Hogs, starring John Travolta and Tim Allen, the Sopranos, Bulworth and Renegade. The Fat Boy remains a favourite with those who like Harley Davidson motorcycles, due to its unique look and performance. There are many Harley Davidson Fat Boy bikes sold second hand if you cannot afford a new model (and can be found advertised on line) so why not search and find the one for you!
Harley Davidson Fat Boy – A Useful Guide
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