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Cross Bones – Introduced in 2008
The Harley Davidson Cross Bones (FLSTSB) motorcycle was introduced in 2008 as part of the Harley Davidson ‘Dark series’. Designed to look like an old school bobber, the Harley Davidson Cross Bones was the eighth Softail family member and available in a range of colours (dark blue pearl, dark blue denim, vivid black, olive pearl, black denim and pewter denim). Coming with a solo seat, the Harley Davidson Cross Bones is the ideal bike to jump on and cruise off for the day with a big smile on your face.

Cross Bones Harley Davidson – Part Of The Dark Series
The reviews for the Harley Davidson Cross Bones were really good and the high tech features on an ‘old style’ looking bike seemed to fit the bill. Like other motorcycles in the dark series (NightsterNight Rod Special and Night Train), the Harley Davidson Cross Bones keeps chrome to a minimum, leaving the dual straight shot exhaust and exposed steel springs to shine. The only colour to be seen on the body work of the Harley Davidson Cross Bones is the modest (yet stylish) pin striping applied to the 5 gallon fuel tank, chopped front fender and bobtail rear fender.

Features of the Cross Bones
The Harley Davidson Cross Bones was built with lots of high tech features including a rigid-mount 1584 cc Twin Cam 96B balanced engine, six speed cruise drive transmission and electronic sequential port fuel injection (ESPFI). It is 317.5 kg in weight (quite heavy) though, so it isn’t built for racing – more cruising. When you’re riding something as good looking as the Harley Davidson Cross Bones however, you’ll want to pass people slowly and give them a chance to see you! The chrome slash cut mufflers on the straight shot exhaust quietens the beast of an engine and the black coated engine, gloss black mini ape-hanger handlebar and springer front end make (and the rest of the black) give a uniform appearance on the Harley Davidson Cross Bones.

Sprung Solo Seat
Other features on the Harley Davidson Cross Bones include the adjustable sprung solo seat (old fashion tractor style) with leather lacing – which is very unique looking. There’s also the Harley Davidson Cross Bones gloss black cat-eye tank console, round air cleaner cover, oil tank (horseshoe) and rear fender supports, leather tank panel, springer forks, 16/17 inch tires on steel spoked wheels with gloss black rims, half-round ‘old school’ foot boards and optional Smart security system  – all making the Harley Davidson Cross Bones a very appealing motorcycle.

Harley Davidson Softail Cross Bones
Like all Softails, the Harley Davidson Cross Bones was built with the unique hidden suspension, in addition to the adjustable two-position sprung solo seat, for additional comfort on uneven roads. However, the design and look of the Harley Davidson Cross Bones doesnt appear any different from an old hardtail motorcycle (again, like other Softails), inspired by the early Knuckle and Panhead bikes. The Harley Davidson Cross Bones looks tough and raw and is guaranteed to turn heads and encourage questions from other motorcyclists. This vintage bomber with modern technology and comfort is a stunning looking bike.
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