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Not Just Motorcycles!
There are so many Harley Davidson collectibles on line that the list is never ending. With such a huge following and fan base, practically anything can be made with the Harley Davidson name and logo on it and it could be made a collectible. A collectible is something that is capable of being collected – so any object suitable for collection, such as art, antiques and souvenirs. Harley Davidson motor collectibles not only include motorcycles (for those with a lot of money) of yesteryear, there are also Golf carts, Trikes and Servi-cars that have been made in the past that people may wish to obtain, renew and collect.

Rare Collectibles
With over 100 years of successful history, it is not only vehicles that Harley Davidson has to offer as collectibles – they  also make and sell a whole host of collectibles for the home, things that can be used at work, art, pictures, badges, knives, zippo lighters, decals, models, cutlery, cards, clothing and apparel, jewellery, bedding, coins, piggy banks/money-boxes, patches and posters (although this may still not cover everything). Harley Davidson is one of the top 100 brands in the world and if you are well travelled, you’ll know that it will not be uncommon to see Harley the Davidson name in cities all over the globe (in the UK, Europe, Australasia, Asia & Africa to name but a handful).

Popular With All Ages
The Harley Davidson brand identifies with such a large and diverse audience, that you will find people of all ages, race and backgrounds not only know who they are, but also what they sell. As Harley Davidson design and manufacture their goods with quality in mind, people don’t mind paying that little bit extra. There are large ranges of clothes (hats, boots, pants and tops) and riding gear (helmets, gloves, suits and jackets) for men and women, plus designer watches, rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants. These could act as collectibles, but are normally more a fashion statement (as well as functional in the riding sense).

Search On-line Auction Sites
Some of the smaller collectibles which you’ll find plastered all over the internet and on-line auction sites are patches, badges, prints, posters and coins. With an array of colours, designs and sizes, the variation means that the average Harley Davidson enthusiast could collect heaps of memorabilia. Patches and badges act as collectibles which often sewn or attached to jackets and bags and prints and posters used to decorate bedrooms, garages and workshops. The Harley Davidson coins mark different stages and achievements in the Company’s history, as well as rally’s and meetings

Harley Davidson Collectibles for the home
For those Harley Davidson fanatics that take it a little step further, there are bed spreads and home furniture that can act as collectibles! Harley Davidson wall paper, duvet covers, blankets, pillow sets, mats and rugs are just some of the choices. These arent only designed for kids either – they come in double, Queen and King-size so you can kit your room out no matter what the arrangement (or your age). The colours available are also pretty neutral so its not as if they wont match your interior dcor. Why not treat yourself to some Harley Davidson collectibles, today!
Thousands of people search to find out about these iconic bikes and their accessories. Even the logo, or emblem is iconic. We hope that you have found this article on collectibles a useful guide to potential products and merchandise. You will find that this website is a great resource, whether you are looking to buy, sell or even rent a Harley Davison bike or purchase some products and accessories. Don’t leave without visiting our Index page to see what other products and gifts are available!

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